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Kuwait Shell Committed to Saving Lives By Promoting Road Safety Measures

Kuwait Shell hosted an exciting Road Safety Campaign in Kuwait with renowned Formula 3 racer, Basil Shaaban engaging in interactive sessions with employees at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries, as well as with young students at the American University of Kuwait, Kuwait University’s College of Engineering and Loyac.
Road safety measures

The campaign, part of Shell’s regional road safety initiative, aims to increase levels of awareness on the dangers of traffic accidents. Road Safety is taken extremely seriously within Shell and, like many companies, Shell has comprehensive internal programmes to reduce exposure and improve performance. But Shell recognizes that it’s not enough to only concentrate on its internal programmes. Road safety is of significant importance to many of the governments the company works with, customers it serves and communities in which it operates. The company, which is engaged in the production of oil and gas, operating refineries, selling and trading ship products that also include chemicals, lubricants, and fuels, to customers around the world, employs over 100,000 employees. With road transportation exposure being an integral element to the core business lines of the company, Shell has developed a worldwide road safety Standard that aims to ensure that the highest road safety standards are met internationally. During the two-day event, Shaaban gave both students as well as employees a clear understanding of the dangers and risks of failing to take care on the roads. With the high number of fatalities and accidents on roads throughout the Middle East clearly a cause of concern, his main emphasis focused on the dangers of speeding, discouraging the use of mobile phones while driving, and the importance of using seatbelts and child restraints. Basil Shaaban’s presentation comes from the perspective of a professional racer who is aware of the importance of such crucial aspects to the safety of individuals and developing societies as well. His presence provided the attendees with an opportunity to exchange advice on the risks that are found on the roads, especially that a lot of them are driving their cars on daily basis carelessly. F3 racer, and United Nations World Youth Ambassador for Road Safety Basil Shaaban said: “The Middle East has the world’s highest per-capita road fatality rate between the ages of 15-29, and this is a situation we are keen to help address. It is crucial to raise these issues and to build awareness of the dangers we all face on the roads through failing to take care.” “Road safety is something that affects us all. We can all take simple steps that help to keep us safe. I urge all drivers and passengers to always use their seat belts. There is simply no excuse not to – your lives may depend on it. I am glad to be working closely with Kuwait Shell to reduce accidents and fatalities throughout the Middle East,” added Shaaban. Kuwait Shell’s commitment to raising road safety awareness in the country is a key part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program. Kuwait Shell Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Mouti said: “We are pleased to have hosted Basil Shaaban in Kuwait. Our primary aim is to minimize traffic accidents by educating the younger generation to comply with road safety measures. We are all dedicated to reducing fatalities and serious injuries. To get there, we must re-energize the extended organization around safety. We must do something different”. “The lack of safety on our roads has become an obstacle to health and development. Our children and young adults are among the most vulnerable. We can, and must, do even more to reduce the number of traffic accidents and fatalities – especially among our young people.” Shell in the Middle East has partnered with Basil Shabaan, to promote road safety across the Middle East in countries that include Kuwait, Syria, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi, and North Africa. Initiated in 2007, Shell has been driving a Middle East Road Safety campaign to increase the level of awareness and help to reduce high traffic injury and mortality rates that are commonly found throughout Kuwait and the Arab world. “I would like to thank Kuwait Petroleum Corporation(KPC) and its subsidiaries, as well as the American University of Kuwait, Kuwait University’s Engineering College, and Loyac for allowing Shell to communicate our global message of promoting road safety initiatives to their employees and students,” concluded Mouti.