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Kuwait Shell Hosts an Environmental Awareness Campaign

Kuwait –25th December, 2008: Kuwait Shell recently held an environmental awareness campaign, “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle”, amongst elementary students in Kuwaiti government schools, aimed at focusing on the benefits of waste reduction and recycling. The 2-week program was held from December 14-25, outlining Kuwait Shell’s aim to help educate Kuwaiti youngsters to the importance of waste management through a series of workshops.
children in a kuwait classroom expermenting

In collaboration with Mad Science, an independent science enrichment provider that delivers hands-on science experience for children, Kuwait Shell conducted environmentally themed workshops focused on reducing, reusingand recycling waste. The event began with a brief introduction about the oil and gas industry aiming to encourage the children to work in the energy sector as well as raising their environmental awareness.

During the workshops schoolchildren were introduced to a range of topics addressing different issues, such as: what happens to waste after it has been thrown away; reducing waste by being creative in packaging items; and demonstrating what happens when water runs through landfill sites, leaks into the surrounding environment and pollutes it. Parents and key persons from different ministries attended the closing session on December 25, to see artistic hand-made art crafts produced by the youngsters from recycled materials.

Part of Kuwait Shell’s corporate social responsibility program is to raise greater awareness in Kuwait about the importance and benefits of recycling and reducing waste while emphasizing the importance of everyone’s role in preserving the environment.

Kuwait Shell Country Chairman Mr. Ahmed Mouti said: “We are delighted to organise and host this event which further demonstrates the importance of responsible waste management through the ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’ approach.”

“This campaign illustrates our aim to contribute to the promotion of an eco-friendly society here in Kuwait. We all have to make the best of what we have in order to minimize waste and help reduce any negative impact we have on our environment,” Al Mouti added.

Producing hand-made crafts from recycled materials presented the schoolchildren with a new view of the world of waste allowing them to take away a sense of commitment to the natural world and the significance of looking after it for future generations.

“Through these lectures, the children have been able to learn about different recycling solutions, which help in providing a healthy and safe environment for Kuwait. We are keen on delivering such activities throughout Kuwait’s schools, specifically aimed at highlighting the important role of recycling and waste management,” Mr Mouti said.