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Shell and Kuwait Oil Company Taking Time for Road Safety Awareness in Kuwait

A road safety initiative to raise public awareness on the importance of using a safety belt
Safety Day Group Photo

Shell, in partnership with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), hosted for the second consecutive year  their joint road safety campaign titled ‘Seat Belts Save Lives.’ This campaign seeks to continue raising awareness on road safety issues and improve driving habits and encourage the public to use seat belts and avoid any use of mobile phones while driving.

In Kuwait, statistics from the Ministry of Interior showed that 493 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2011. During the same period, 75 thousand traffic accidents took place, with an accident rate of 206 incidents per day and 8.5 crashes every hour.

In the campaign sessions, Shell and KOC jointly provide a live demonstration of the importance of the use of seat belts, avoiding any use of mobile phones while driving and committing to the speed limits by using the “Seat Belt Convincer” and “Driving Simulator”.

Driving Simulator

The campaign which took place from 11-12th of June featured a Seatbelt Convincer workshop in which the attendees experienced the feeling to ‘crash’ at speeds even as low as 8 kilometers an hour while wearing a seatbelt. A driving simulation is also featured to illustrate how various distractions can cause drivers to lose focus while driving.

Mr. Ahmad Atallah, Chairman and Managing Director for Shell Companies in Kuwait. Said: “Road Safety issues affect not only individuals and families, but indirectly hinder development progress within countries and corporations. People have many excuses for not wearing seat belts while driving,  so we  have taken the initiative with our local partners to demonstrate the value of seat belts and how they can actually save lives in case of a car accident. 

We are working to support creating a culture where personal safety is a priority. Improving safety on the road remains a focus, since road accidents account for a large share of incidents globally and in Kuwait particularly.

Safety Day Airbag

The ‘Seat Belts Save Lives’ campaign compliments Shell’s ongoing regional ‘Road Safety’ initiative which began in 2008. Shell in Kuwait runs defensive driving sessions to all staff, partners and drivers annually. Road Safety lectures are also provided to the Kuwaiti youth to educate new drivers that one of the best ways to stay safe in case of a car accident is to wear a seat belt.

Mr. Saeed Al-Shaheen KOC’s Well surveillance group manager commented: “When adults buckle up, their children learn to buckle up too, reducing the chance of injuries or death. At KOC we believe in the importance of road safety, hence our partnership with Shell where we hope our message comes across to the public. The safety of every individual on the road is our utmost priority and concern.”

At the ‘Seatbelts Save Lives’ stand, attendees were given the opportunity to observe hourly performed demonstrations by Dr. Ibrahim El-Mahdy Kuwait Oil Company Health, Safety and Environment & Road Safety consultant and Noor Al-Assar, Kuwait Shell Health, Safety and Environment Lead. The stand welcomed 800 visitors in the course of the two day campaign. The visitors had the chance to experience the importance of wearing their seat belt, and avoid using mobile phones while driving on the roads.