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Kuwait Shell and Kuwait Oil Company introduce ‘Seat Belts Save Lives’ campaign to Kuwait University Engineering Students

As part of Kuwait Shell’s ongoing social activities, a ‘Seat Belts Save Lives’ road safety campaign took place at Kuwait University – College of Engineering initiating the purpose of creating awareness of the importance of seatbelts and improving driving habits to college students.
seat belt awareness

The campaign was held on the 19th October, and aimed to create greater awareness of the importance of seatbelts and encourage better driving habits.  It showcased the importance of seatbelts and child restraints and how they can help to save an adult or child from serious injury or death in case of a car accident. While using a seatbelt convincer, students experienced a force of up to five times their body weight, which is the same amount of pressure as a 5-7 mph crash.   Student participants were also given certificates after experiencing the seatbelt convincer in addition to defensive driving CDs.

seat belt awareness

Ahmad Atallah Kuwait Shell’s Chairman said: “Our presence at Kuwait University highlighted the importance of safety measures on the road, especially young drivers between the ages of 18-25.  University students may not be aware of the importance of wearing a seatbelt at all times, hence our demonstration of the value of seatbelts and how they can save lives in case of a car accident.

Being a responsible energy company, our priority is to strengthen our commitment not only for road precautions, but to the community as a whole.”

The ‘Seat Belts Save Lives’ campaign is part of Kuwait Shell’s ongoing regional ‘Road Safety’ initiative which began in 2008 and is based upon research studies that shows that one of the best ways to stay safe during a car accident is by wearing a seatbelt.

seat belt awareness

Dr. Abdullah Al-Sayed, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Kuwait University commented: “We are very pleased to have had an in depth demonstration conducted to our college of engineering students. Lack of proper driving habits is a major aspect that is very common in our society and by tackling it we aim to minimize the severity of the injuries that result from car accident and ultimately save lives.  We sincerely thank Kuwait Shell and Kuwait Oil Company for their endless efforts in promoting the ‘Seat Belts Save Lives’ message to our students and to the public.”

During the day, hourly demonstrations by safety experts at the ‘Seat belts Save Lives’ booth were held to help students understand the benefit of wearing their seatbelt while driving on the roads.